I promise, my personal brand is not, “I’ve been too busy to blog.” I think I’m going through a process. An evolution. A “what’s next in my life” moment that has lasted for months. I have a lot to say, but I’m not sure HOW I want to say it.

You will often hear me say that deep down, at my core, I’m a writer. But that’s not my brand.

As a writer, however, I have a need to write. But the last few months have me questioning who I am at my core. Not that I am not a good communicator and writer; it’s just not my brand, and I’m trying to get to a more authentic place with who I am. And how am I going to write about anything, if I am not grounded in my core, my brand?
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Ross Fishman threw out a challenge to lawyers and legal marketers alike: Can you write your story in six words?

Well, you know I love a challenge (especially if it’s fun!).

Here by accident. Stayed by choice.

I fell into my legal marketing career by accident 13 years ago. The profession was expanding beyond the-managing-partners-secretary-threw-a-great-party-so-they-made-her-the-marketing-manager.