Ross Fishman threw out a challenge to lawyers and legal marketers alike: Can you write your story in six words?

Well, you know I love a challenge (especially if it’s fun!).

Here by accident. Stayed by choice.

I fell into my legal marketing career by accident 13 years ago. The profession was expanding beyond the-managing-partners-secretary-threw-a-great-party-so-they-made-her-the-marketing-manager.

It’s been a tough and difficult road at times, but I persevered because I really love what I do, and I highly value the relationships I have built and developed over the years.

I am saddened by the professional marketers and business developers who jump into a job at a law firm, and jump right out of the career. I believe, as I posted on “Can I get a side order of ‘work-life’ balance with that job, please?”, that there are more options available to legal marketers today than ever.

Since my entry into legal marketing, we’ve moved beyond brochures and planning seminars. I was there to see the first law firm websites launched; the introduction of CRM; the evolution of “sales,” I mean, business development; and now social media.

I cannot imagine a profession today that I rather be a part of than legal marketing.