I had an interesting query today: A partner asked if I would recommend a 3L accept a job offer from a specific AmLaw 100 firm. On the one hand, it has to be nice to have a job offer in today’s economy. On the other hand, the firm was caught up in the recent wave

Just like most Americans, the legal industry has been obsessed over the past decade with super-sizing. The AmLaw 100 has super-sized head count, PPEP (profits per equity partner), RPP (revenue per partner), revenue generated, etc.

We’ve already seen the first casualty of the economic downturn with Heller Ehrman’s inability to make it to the altar

I really enjoyed Seth Godin’s post today on Is effort a myth?

Delete the outliers–the people who are hit by a bus or win the lottery, the people who luck out in a big way, and we’re left with everyone else. And for everyone else, effort is directly related to success. Not all the time,

I read Paul Lippe’s blog post yesterday about the shock in the industry of the demise of Heller.

A law firm friend of mine told me many of his peers were “shocked” at the demise of Heller and its failure to find a merger partner. That put me in mind of the iconic scene

Living on the Westside of Los Angeles I watched, jaw hanging open, as housing prices kept rising and rising. A 900 s/f tear-down in my neighborhood went from $360,000 to $900,000 in just a few short years. I was one of those doubters who kept saying, “Why would I buy now? We’re in a housing