I had an interesting query today: A partner asked if I would recommend a 3L accept a job offer from a specific AmLaw 100 firm. On the one hand, it has to be nice to have a job offer in today’s economy. On the other hand, the firm was caught up in the recent wave of layoffs, which now number 3,000 jobs in 12 days.

I would hope that any 3L out there with job offers is extremely careful as to what position they accept. Don’t sit back and be grateful that you received an offer. You MUST do your due diligence:

1) Has the firm had recent layoffs? If so, were 1st year’s let go?

2) Has the firm pushed back start dates for their 1st years?

3) Has the firm reduced hours, cut salaries/bonuses, or any of these?

4) Has the firm lost double digit percentage of profits per equity partner? How’s their revenue?

5) Is the firm diversified in offices and practices? Or are they too dependent in one specific area?

6) Is the firm suffering from flight of the rainmakers?

Run a Google search on the firm. What are the bloggers saying? Have you searched Above the Law??

And, don’t ignore all your other options: mid-law and regional law; public interest/non-profit law; government agencies, and the like.