Denise NixThank you to guest blogger Denise Nix, Marketing and Business Development Manager at Glaser Weil, for providing her insights into “When Firm Culture Gets In the Way of Firm Success: How to Overcome the Stumbling Blocks” from the recent Legal Marketing Association annual conference.”

Realizing that no marketing or business development strategy will

I had an interesting “ah-ha” moment at work today. While heating up my lunch, the firm’s managing partner, along with one of the other partners, came into the kitchen area. They were deep in conversation, and I was starved, so I didn’t interupt or engage. At some point I did realize that they were not

“Leadership is the art of setting direction for others and getting them to move in that direction with competence and commitment.” — Elliott Jacques and Stephen Clement

Speaking truth to power: Now is the time for managers to lead and leaders to emerge in law firms of all sizes. Power is spread among individuals in