What would you do if your boss walked into your office and said, “Hey, take a year off and we’ll pay you $80,000. And, your job is guaranteed when you return.”

According to Legal Blog Watch, that’s exactly what has happened to the 1,300 associates at Skadden.

While the paranoid cynic in me

Working in the business of law has its challenges. First of all, there are all the lawyers (ba-dum-bum-CHING). Actually, it’s the lawyers that make our jobs interesting. SEO. Not interesting. Explaining to lawyers why SEO is important, now that can be fun and challenging.

A common “challenge” we – legal marketers, partners, administrators and

In an eat-what-you-kill law firm culture, associates are the appetizer. They might keep us from starving, but when’s the last time you made a decision where to eat based on the appetizer?

Most associates are viewed as disposable by the big firms and are churned in and out. The leveraging required to make the numbers