What would you do if your boss walked into your office and said, “Hey, take a year off and we’ll pay you $80,000. And, your job is guaranteed when you return.”

According to Legal Blog Watch, that’s exactly what has happened to the 1,300 associates at Skadden.

While the paranoid cynic in me would be fearful of spending a year away from the office, the opportunity that a paid year’s vacation affords would be too strong of a lure.

If I were a twenty-something with no kids, mortgage or real responsibilities I would:

  • Go to culinary school
  • Get a job on a cruise ship traveling through the Mediterranean
  • Spend a year in India practicing yoga and meditation
  • Build houses for Habitat for Humanity
  • Teach English in China
  • Blog and read

Simply stated, if I were a Skadden associate, I would take this opportunity to explore my passions. Perhaps law is it … but maybe not. Why not take this time to figure it out while you are young and relatively unencumbered?

Oh, and if you are a Skadden associate taking the offer, might I be so bold to suggest that you start a blog and let us know what you and your colleagues are up to. It could be a real eye-opener for the rest of us.

Now, the bigger question: can they defer their law school loans?