Well, I am back in the office and digging through my e-mails, trying to figure out what I missed out on, and, yet, I am still going back and checking the Twitter stream because I am not yet ready to move on from what happened at the LMA Annual Conference. In fact, I get to run upstairs today and see Toby Brown and Aleisha Gravit give a presentation on Pricing, Profitability and the Role of Marketing. I’m making a list of all the blog posts I should write. Hopefully I’ll get to some of them. Already pow-wowing with LMA leaders in LA and San Francisco on what we can bring back from LMA’s annual conference for our local members. I would encourage ALL of us to do the same. Side note: And, if you are not an LMA “leader” yet, watch your in-boxes over the summer for “calls for nominations” to join your local chapter’s board of directors and committees. Already thinking about next year’s conference in Orlando and have blocked my calendar for April 2-4, 2014 (and we are NOT at a Disney property). As I will not be on the conference committee, or the board of directors, I am eligible to submit a program for consideration. Woo hoo!! And I’m loving my new mugs and t-shirts! If you didn’t get a chance to purchase one at LMA, contact Nathalie Daum and she’ll hook you up (no cost to ship!). LMA Mugs

$15 for t-shirts
$6 for mugs
$45 for polo shirts