Oh, I’ve been seeing people posting on Facebook and elsewhere how special they are. Seems LinkedIn sent them a notice that they are in the top 5% or 1% of profiles viewed. Yeah, yeah. Bla, bla. Me too. So what?

HMM LinkedIn

Am I better than 99% of you because I’m in the top 1% of LinkedIn profiles viewed? Does this new elite status make me a better legal marketer, board member, blogger, Girl Scout Leader, wife or mother? If my profile is viewed more than Despina Kartson, does it make me a better strategist? If viewed more than Aleisha Gravit, a better organized and systematically logically thinker? No. My value and contributions to my profession are not based on how often my profile is viewed. This new LinkedIn status does not make me special, a best, or super, or whatever person. My value and contributions are based on my actions and my reputation. My work product, and my ability to showcase it. Being in the top 1% of LinkedIn profile views just means the spam-bots have found me. Now, do you want to buy some cookies or what?? Buy the Cookies