Seriously, I have not planned on these blog posts for the past couple weeks being focused on customer/client service, but that appears to be what’s in front of me. My assistant just brought in my mail, fanning herself and laughing. And here’s why:

I swear, I am not making this up. I get SEVEN of everything from ALM. There are three addressed to Heather Milligan. Two addressed to Heather Morse Milligan. One addressed to Heather Leigh Morse (wow, got my middle name in there). And one to Heather Morse. I’m sure the sports dude is taking offense that there aren’t a couple in there addressed to Heather Morse-Geller. I have tried to correct this. I really have. But rather than removing me from a mailing list, it’s turning into “Trouble with Tribbles.” trouble-with-tribbles Come on, you guys. You have to have a CRM data steward there. Someone’s gotta be able to fix this.