While at the Legal Marketing Association’s annual conference last month I made my way through the exhibit hall and checked out all the great prizes that could be won. As a sitting member of the board of directors, it is our policy to not participate in the drawings, so I was really just window shopping. My buddy Jeff Reade from Cole Valley Software (CRM) always has these great giant Pez dispensers. And this year he had an ELVIS one. Which was PERFECT! My oldest daughter is off to London and Paris this summer with her aunt, so I am taking the younger one to Nashville to visit grandma (talk about “I’ll take door number two, Monty.”).  I am trying to make it as special as possible, so we’re also going to head over to Memphis and visit Elvis at Graceland. While my daughter’s taste in music is limited to Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Big Time Rush (luckily no Bieber in our household), she does know Elvis. Maybe it’s the way he died, or the Cirque du Soleil show we saw in Vegas, but she’s really excited about our trip. While I was bummed I couldn’t throw my card in and participate in the drawing for Jeff’s ELVIS dispenser, he told me where he got it, and I promptly forgot all about it until today. Guess what came in the mail?? ELVIS. I am so excited. I immediately sent an email to Jeff thanking him, and then came running here. THIS IS GOOD CLIENT SERVICE. It does exist, Virginia. My expectations were completely exceeded. And I’m not even a client of Jeff’s. I am, however, an influencer, and a referral source, along with being a friend. For those of you selling services and products, it’s these little things that make us remember you. This was much more than a touch-point. You have added to my child’s happiness, and to her memories. That is HUGE! So, once again, thank you, thank you, Jeff, for remembering us. You WOWED me. You really did.