Today is 9/11, and while I am at work working, I cannot help but think back eight years. I cannot help but think back to those who lost their lives, those who live daily with a hole in their hearts, and those whose lives will never, ever be the same.

Yet already today on my Facebook home page it appears to be politics as usual. There are polls in favor of one politician, or rallying the troops against another. In between reflections of 9/11 and memories of the fallen are articles defending one team’s position on health care, or attacks on the other party for what they perceive to be lies.

As I refrain from responding, sharing my opinions, and outing my personal political opinions, I cannot help but think about today and what it signifies to me. I cannot help but think about where I was on 9/11. As I look out on my fair city from the 47th Floor of the tallest building west of the Mississippi, I cannot help but think about my personal memories of visiting New York City for the first time when I was 17, and joining my parents for drinks at Windows of the World.

I wonder what 9/11 would have been like if we were all on Twitter? Would lives have been saved?? Would loved ones have had a chance to say goodbye??

What I do know is that today is a day to set aside Facebook politics and quizzes.

Today is a day to set aside our partisan politics around the water cooler, to turn off the partisan political radio and TV programs.

Today is a day to let go of our differences and bond around our passionate love for our country.

Today is a day for us to reflect as a nation, as a people, as friends and neighbors.

Today is a day to remember … and to never forget.