I started a Facebook fan page for The Legal Watercooler. Why? Not sure yet. But, I started a blog, not knowing why. I joined LinkedIn, not knowing what to expect. I joined Twitter, really not having a clue what to expect.

Part of what I need to do, as a legal marketer, is understand how social media and social networking can be adapted and best used by the legal industry. Call me a mad scientist, or just plain cautious, but I seem to experiment on myself first before bringing to my firm.

What can a Facebook fan page bring me? Right now, I’m not too sure. I know that they are highly indexed by Google, so I’m starting there.

Ask me the question again in a few months and I am certain I’ll have a better answer for you.

The only other thing I know is that I need 100 fans before I can get a vanity URL, so, do me a favor, and become a fan of The Legal Watercooler! I’ll “fan” you back!