I came across this post, I Tweet, therefore I am, by Jeffrey Gitomer on Twitter that I found interesting. Take the time to read the whole post, but Jeffrey has great advice on what we should be including in our Tweets:

Here are a few of my ideas for future tweets: (Feel free to use them, or alter the strategy to suit your situation.)

  • Post a daily sales tip.
  • Give information as to my travels and where people can register for my public events and see my live seminars.
  • Post information regarding new ideas.
  • Post personal recommendations of every sort – from restaurants to books, from people to places, from shops to hotels. Maybe even airlines. Maybe.
  • Ask for information and help when I travel to a new city.
  • Create local gatherings.

I would add:

  • share links to what you are reading
  • post personal (but not “TMI”) information on YOU
  • never hesitate to ask for help

What is Twitter to me? It’s a chance to deliver short personal messages to business connections and friends to let them know what you’re thinking and what you’re doing.

Like today, I tweeted: Sunday. A day to reflect on what was, what is, and what will be. Gitomer.

What are you thinking about today? What are you writing about today? What are you blogging about today? What are you tweeting about today?