Kevin O’Keefe asked his followers this morning what Twitter means to us as legal professionals.

I could write 140 characters, 10 times over, on what Twitter means to me as a legal professional.

But for brevity sake I’ll limit it to the concept that Twitter is a true melting pot of ideas. For those of us who believe that diversity is more than skin color, Twitter is a Godsend.

Twitter brings together “Big Law” and solos, 1st tier and 3rd tier graduates, West Coast/East Coast, and gasp, Gulf state & fly-over state perspectives. This one little program has become a beacon for in-house professionals, law students and consultants.

Twitter is the great equalizer. No attorneys and “staff” here. On Twitter we — lawyers, marketers, techie, librarians, paralegals, and assistants — equally contribute to the conversation, adding our unique perspectives.

Twitter allows me to quickly branch out from my personal limitations of industry (law) and “practice” disciplines (marketing & business development).

By casting a wide net, I now follow people from different industries, practice disciplines, political persuasions, philosophies, religions, regions and countries. Through Twitter, I am learning how you are applying new concepts, tactics and ideas to your businesses and industries, and play with how I can interpret them to the practice of law.