Duane Morris announced it is reducing its marketing and business development staff, currently at 30-35 people, by 18%.  The article says that they will outsource select “marketing” functions including PR and graphics.  

Will this outsourcing trend be extended to other marketing functions such as events, database management, speaking engagements, etc?  Will others bulk up on senior-level business development professionals and outsource marketing functions?  
During the past several years law firms have moved away from “marketing” titles in favor of those that include the words “business development”.  However, have the job descriptions and skill sets kept pace?  It seems to me that at this point, the titles have changed, but the job descriptions and expectations of “client service” remain largely marketing centric.

Right now the lines between business development/sales and marketing are very blurred.  What needs to happen to draw a clearer line between the two distinct functions?