Joining the news of U.S. law firm layoffs that seem to mesmerize us all, I read today how UK firm Howard Kennedy has launched a redundancy campaign within their firm, and they are not alone.

Howard Kennedy has launched a redundancy consultation that could affect up to 20 fee earners.

The 30-day consultation was kicked off yesterday (19 June) and will see up to 20 fee earners involved in the process alongside as many as 30 further staff in support roles.


Howard Kennedy joins firms including McGrigors, Bevan Brittan, Halliwells, Challinors and TLT in announcing redundancy consultations in recent weeks.

I have to tip my hat to Howard Kennedy. By getting in front of the news, they are better able to control their message. They will be able to avoid the “law firm layoff” headlines that have plagued U.S. firms like Sonnenschein, Heller Ehrman and Dechert.

On our side of the pond, there never appears to be a shortage of firms, in any key marketplace, hiring senior marketing professionals. I’ve never been concerned that if I were to lose my job today that I wouldn’t be able to line up several interviews within a week. I’m not certain if that is true today. I know of several firms that are in hiring freezes for most marketing positions; firms are making due with what staff they have.

While my firm is increasing our marketing and business development spend, many firms are shutting down their budgets for the year. Maybe it was the $5.07 for premium gas I passed yesterday at Olympic & Grand, but I have been obsessively wondering what would happen if I too was determined to be redundant in these economic times? What can I do today to increase my value, and strengthen my position, within my firm? Do I have updated contact information for Bill Crooks, Sally Schmidt and Jennifer Johnson?

So Coolerites, what are you going to do today to avoid being seen as redundant?