Interesting blog posting by Jason Mendelson, “Why Start-Up Lawyers Frustrate Me.” It is a must read on your next coffee-break.

I found it from the article, VC Slams Attorneys on Salaries and Overlawyering which includes direct quotes from Jason and others in the Valley.

What really stuck out for me was this:

He said he’s been getting lots of feedback, mostly negative, from law firms and
mostly positive comments from entrepreneurs.

I think the only point agreed upon is that clients view the relationship in one light and attorneys in another.

This is a favorite conversation point that came out of a partner meeting at a prior firm, when annual rate increases were being discussed:

Partner A: I don’t know what the problem is. My clients never complain about my rates.

Partner B: Yeah, that’s because our clients aren’t going to jail.

We have to get the conversation back on track.

So, Coolerites, what are you doing to contribute to a positive resolution here?

Our firm is getting ready to kick-off our first-ever Client Service Interviews, thanks to the Wicker Park Group, Kent Zimmerman, Nat Slavin and Laura Meherg (had to give a shout-out).

One of the key issues I want to uncover is how the client perceive the value of our legal service provided for the dollar that they are paying. I don’t want to find out our clients are unhappy in a blog post.