For the decade that I have been in legal marketing, the business plans of the big-firms, and the followers, hasn’t changed much. Bill more, bill at higher rates, increase leverage, lower real estate, get rid of under-performers, shed practices, or only invest in “high value” practices.

Some firms have learned how to get their partners

So, how’s the situation with your belt? Getting tighter?

Six months ago I attributed tightening my belt to my fat and happy diet. Today as I was cooking a pot of chicken ¼’s for a batch of soup I was pleasantly pleased with the idea that tightening my belt means I might have to buy

Several years ago the trend in law firm circles was to promote the executive functions at law firms — marketing, administration, IT, HR, finance, etc. – from director to chief. According to Korn/Ferry’s Michael DeCosta:

Moving from a director to chief title typically suggests a move, albeit subtle, from a tactical to a more

Those were the words that became the mantra of Paul Tagliabue, former commissioner of the National Football League. He now serves as senior counsel at Covington and Burling, but he recently addressed a large audience at the 20th Annual GC Conference. His message? Get used to, and comfortable with, the changes coming to the profession.