The question of the day over at AmLaw Daily is “How essential is a CMO?” For those of us who have worked for, under, or near a CMO the answer is “depends.”

An essential CMO is a forward thinking, strategic person who will be able to balance the needs of the partnership at a 40,000

Today’s AmLaw Daily carried a great post today, THE CHURN: CMO Edition.

The article points out the fanfare that welcomed two recent AmLaw 100 CMOs, both of whom came from outside the legal industry, and their departures four and eight months later, noting that “a law firm’s culture and structure can require more adjustment

The marketing umbrella is broad, providing shelter to a diverse group of functions, including: PR, business development, competitive research and analysis, strategic planning, client services, not to mention MarComm, and the list goes on. Throw into the mix some new technology, a new managing partner, offices in 8 different time zones, a merger (or lay-offs),

Several years ago the trend in law firm circles was to promote the executive functions at law firms — marketing, administration, IT, HR, finance, etc. – from director to chief. According to Korn/Ferry’s Michael DeCosta:

Moving from a director to chief title typically suggests a move, albeit subtle, from a tactical to a more

I heard through the grapevine that Liz Pava, Pillsbury CMO, has resigned from her position. Her last day is rumored to be May 30th. This resignation follows on the heels of the launch of the new Pillsbury corporate identity package (see earlier post of May 16). Rumor also reports that it was definitely her choice