First off my rant: Seriously. Could LMA have given this program the smallest room available? Strategy with Jennifer Manton, Nat Slavin, and Wendy Bernero. Come on … learn your audience all ready.

Here we go:

In the past, law firms did everything, now we need to focus.

If you’re not strategizing, you have put yourself in a disadvantage in the marketplace. This is our new normal. The good ol’ days are not coming back. The client is the general contractor and you are the sub-contractor. Time to rightsize your thought process.

Value matters

Your value is how you deliver your strategy.

Clients want integrated solution providers (most of the time). But firms focus on the “talent agency” model firm.


What gets in the way of collaboration is compensation. (just leaving that there)

Tip: A great value we bring as legal marketers is that we’re terrific dot-connectors in our firms, especially when on-boarding . 

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What kind of firm are you? Talent or Solution or a Hybrid of both?

No judgment. You can make either firm model work.

Tip: For those of you interviewing, think of questions you can ask to determine which type of firm interviewing at.You can then showcase your value to their firm model. 


Tactics for the Marketer