The Winston team is here to present on lateral success, especially surrounding their launch of their Dallas office (50 attorneys from nine different firms). But let me just say, it’s nice being in a room that is a good size and classroom sized. Yeah!! (Still no power strip, but girl can’t have it all in life).

The Panel

Learning Outcomes

Setting the Stage

Phases of Lateral Growth

  1. Strategy/Strategic Plan
    • Does this expansion/hire fit into your strategic plan
  2. Recruiting
    • Choose your headhunter well in the market you’re entering. Reputation counts.
    • Insist that the recruiters bring you diverse candidates
  3. Customized Lateral Pitch Materials
  4. Build Consensus and Close the Deal
  5. Messaging
    • Use Twitter , LinkedIn, and other social media tools to welcome new attorneys to the firm
    •  Client announcements
  6. Integration
    • Check lists for each department

Best Practices