Good morning LMA. The General Counsel Panel has now begun. Yes, this is important. These are the clients. Talking about what’s important to them. If there is only one panel you can attend, this would be it. (plus all the others, but, this is the information you need to bring back to your firms.

Who are the Decision Makers?

This is not a one answer fits all question. Smaller companies, GCs are usually the decision makers. Preferred vendor lists. Teams. Chambers to verify (no find).

Question to ask your clients:

  • How do you make the decision on how you hire outside counsel

Tip: Show your subject matter expertise. 

  • CLE
  • e-alerts that are succinct
  • Websites
    • Deeper dive into the subject matter (articles)

Where do you go to research potential clients?

  • Google
  • Legal alerts
    • Lets them get to know you through events, showcasing expertise
  • Similar cases
    • Looking to similar matters and who handled them.
  • Panels at conferences
    • Looking

Tip: Make sure you are highlighting recent matters

Tip: DON’T LEAVE THE ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!! Recognize that if a GC is in your session, they are interested in your topic matter, and most likely looking for legal counsel ON THE TOPIC YOU JUST PRESENTED ON.

Diversity and Inclusion

Tip: Recognize that the matters you are working on are not YOUR matters, but the clients. Learn the clients culture. 

How do the GCs handle the sensitive information, particularly LGBTQ or disability?

They want the information. Period.

What not to do

  • Not return phone calls/emails. (sighhhhhhhhh … come on already)
  • Getting ahead of things, give enough lead time to review things
  • Don’t put me on a random list
    • Likes to get things from clients, but just don’t randomly add GCs (#MeToo)

Tip: Do post to LinkedIn and add hashtags. They read random articles there. If they like what they see, they will join your mailing lists.


  • Look to Chambers for verification
  • To decide between 2 finalist firms

Tip: Suck it up and take Chambers seriously

Follow the lawyer or stay with the firm?

You go with the relationship.

  • Good news: expand the client relationship to more attorneys in the fimr, and the firm has a greater chance of retaining the client should the “relationship” partner leave
  • Bad news: Relationship partner knows this doesn’t want to expand their client relationship to others within the firm lest he/she loses the client should they leave the firm

Blogs v. Alerts

Timely alerts are key, but keep them short, and highlight the key information.

Tip: Impact. Short. Bite sized pieces of content.

Trolling the Dockets

Unless you already have the relationship, they are not going to take the cold-pitch


They are important.

They are important only in areas that they are important.

For reputational or crisis, they’ll pay whatever rate they need to pay.