test patternIt’s me. You do not need adjust your settings. My posts haven’t fallen through the cracks. You have not inadvertently unsubscribed yourself from this blog and all my wit and insights. I’ve been busy. The kind of busy where my laundry doesn’t get done, and quality time with the Sports Dude is listening to the radio show he produces. I am starting to come out of it … perhaps it’s the summer lull that comes with everyone else taking a vacation. It could be that I’m just burning out waiting for my vacation and have returned to my old and faithful keyboard for comfort and inspiration. Either way, hi there. It’s been too long. I was inspired this morning to write a brilliant post after reading Tim Corcoran’s What’s your RSTLNE? I was starting to research different ways legal marketers can help lawyers think about differentiating themselves, and … squirrel However, in my case it was the The Definition Of Hell For Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type. I’m an ENTJ and this fits me perfectly:

ENTJ – Somebody is wrong, and they’re directing a large group of people! You can’t do anything about it and will have to obey whatever inefficient policies they decide to implement.

And here’s what I do at a party:

ENTJ – Networks the shit out of the party and wakes up with fourteen competitive job offers.

And while I wasn’t the student body president, this pretty much sums up my high school years:

ENTJ  – You were the student body president. You kept a tight reign on your social standing, extra curricular presence and grade point average. You were neurotic but in a way that worked for you. You were voted “Most likely to become the next President” in your high school yearbook, which you oversaw the production for.

You might have to confirm this with the Sports Dude, but this is the most attractive thing about me:

ENTJ – Your aggression. You don’t mess around when you see something you want. You are assertive, direct and smart about getting what you want and it’s a purely irresistible quality. Your dominant nature is hot. And you make sure that whomever you’re going for knows it.

On my personal Facebook wall several friends are posting all of their MBPT results which is taking on a life of funny of its own. In all seriousness, understanding the make up of who we are, and the people around us, allows for better understanding and acceptance for the differences in who we are, and how those differences (diversity) contribute to make a greater whole. As my team comes together, we have had our hiccups. Understanding our strengths and weaknesses, as well as our natural tendencies, provides us with critical information as we move forward. No feelings hurt. We just do and process differently. I’m in the process of rereading Good to Great (before I break out into my summer reading, which will begin with Primates of Park Avenue) and I keep asking, “Are the right people on the bus?” I also have to wonder, if the right people are on the bus, are they in the right seats? Understanding our strengths and weaknesses, along with our natural tendencies, and our ability to push those boundaries, will make our transition from good to great smoother. Which is all fine and good, considering I am apparently living in the wrong city for my personality type:

ENTJ – New York, USA. If there’s one thing ENTJs love it’s getting things done – in the most efficient and progressive way possible. This innovative type likes to be exactly where the action is, so that they can analyze the action, come up with a more efficient way to harness it and then turn it into a profitable enterprise that they get to take charge of. What better a place for this progressive type than the center of the world, New York City? They want to be on top of all the latest developments and if there’s one place where the action never stops, it is in the big apple.