A week ago today we were scrambling in preparation of the merger vote to take place that afternoon in both firms.

Today I think we’re all looking for our normal. New normal. Old normal. The familiar. What’s going to stay the same? What’s changing? What’s my new email address and will the old one still work? We need new key cards. Can I finally get a new picture for my key card? Better yet, can I just use my current portrait? My hair looks really good there.

On tap for today:

  • Going.To.Finish.Marty’s.Project.
  • Bios. Bios. Bios. Yes, they are responding.
  • Going to be formally introduced to the marketing team at Hinshaw. It’s been since my Pillsbury days that I was a part of a full “team.” I am definitely looking forward to this.

Just got a text from the kid. Off to urgent care we go.

Update: Acute bronchial spasm. She’s fine. And there just really is never a dull moment, is there?