The announcements, press releases, and blogs posts are all out on the merger.

Calls are coming in from clients, reporters, and friends (really, folks, we are not moving to Chicago, and my job status is fine).

So what to do today now that things have calmed down a bit? I mean, besides the “work as usual” work.

  • Send memo to attorneys to update bios now, don’t wait until they are uploaded to Hinshaw website.
  • Checking stats, and tracking media stories.
  • Cleaning my desk of all Phase 1 (per-announcement) projects.
  • Setting up my Phase 2 (announcement to October 1) projects.
  • Cleaning out my in-box, and updating my “Get it Done” lists. What fell threw the cracks?
  • Bringing Marty’s project from the back-burner back to the front.

Other then that? Lawyers want to practice law, and this marketer wants to start marketing. But first things first. Finish Marty’s project. Oh, and write a blog post on something other than the merger. Ack. My leadership class. I have homework. And yoga. I am not missing yoga today.