Just sat in another program where the editor of legal publication said that under absolutely no circumstance will they open up their content. It is all safely tucked behind a firewall. They are in the business of selling newspapers, after all.

I disagree with you, Mr. Editor. You are in the business of distributing content.

Yes. You need to make money. But you want to make money off content that my law firm and my lawyers produce, either by writing articles, being interviewed, submitting our wins and losses, joining your submissions of best whatever.

As far as I am concerned, a publication is only as good as my hyperlinks to it.

If you lock away all of your content, you provide very little value to me and my firm.

I am not asking you to give away your content. But make it searchable. Accessible.

Include the headline, byline and first paragraph. Law360 does that. Gives me something to link to. Sure, it’s a paid service to read the content. I put (subs. req.) after the hyperlinks. But they give me something to hyperlink.

Oh, and I pay Law360 for that service, by the way. And happily so.

So release the Kraken and unlock that content. Or at least give me a little tease.