Congratulations, you are now a Tier One, Preeminent, Super, Bestest, wonder-var lawyer … wanna buy a plaque?

Yes, Hollywood has their award season, and lawyers seem to have their blowing smoke season as well. According to how many plaque companies are contacting me right now, I’d say we’re in the thick of things.

Meryl Streep got an Oscar; lawyers get to purchase a plaque for $199.

Oscar Award Winning Actress

I must admit, I do buy a plaque here and there.

They’re on display in the lobby. They look nice. Like the floral bouquet, or the morning paper.

It gives those in the lobby, waiting, something to look at, besides the view.

But what is really irking me today are the letters my lawyers are getting from ALM. You know, the folks who send me seven copies of everything.

Yet, for once, I get nothing. I actually had to send an e-mail to the sales person and ask: “To whom in my office have you sent this?”

Come on, ALM (who will never read this, because they never do), do a better job at communicating with us legal marketers.

You want our ad dollars.

You want us to buy your products.

You want us to make our lawyers available to your reporters.

And, yet, you will circumvent us for a plaque.