Everybody needs a birthday hat!
I’m back from a short vacation and, looking at some online blogging I’m being looped in on, I missed a few things. And, guess what? I don’t care. I checked out of legal marketing and checked into being a mom and a wife, and, well, a me. I celebrated. I enjoyed. I didn’t think about you. We went to Disneyland for my birthday, the movies (Mirror Mirror), a play (Mamma Mia!), dinner and a show (Jeff Dunham) with Nat Slavin and Cheryl Bame, and drag-queen bingo. We made hot breakfasts, were on the go-go-go, and even stayed home in our PJs one day. Sure I checked e-mails, and responded to a couple, but the out of office message said it all.

I’ll take care of all non-urgent matters upon my return to the office on April 4th.

It took me all day yesterday to go through my in box and handle the urgent matters. I’m starting to work on my non urgent items. And, at some point, I’ll flip through my reader and see what I missed. It’s good to check out of work and your professional world, and check into your personal existence now and again, even if only for a few days. In fact, it’s a definite necessity in life. I enjoyed it so much, I might do it again this weekend.