Next up at LMA Conference: Jonathan Michael Bowman, Esq., President and CEO, Clear Picture Leadership©.

Leaders = change agents.

But, really, what other kind of leadership is there?

To lead, you have to be willing to change, to improve it, to make it better. There are no status quo leaders.

It only takes one person to invoke change.

Qualities of Leaders

  • Leaders see things that others do not see.
  • Leaders have to have a vision.
  • Leaders see the extraordinary in ordinary.

Legal marketers are change agents in our firms. We need to go back and be bold.

Big Vision: Make sure that your vision is big enough to be inspirational. Big enough to be noticed.

You might not have all that you need, but you an use the tools you have to invoke that change.

You need the confidence to invoke that change.

Leaders don’t complain about the situation. They go to the problem and fix it. You have to freeze that negative thinking.

You have to create momentum – or recognize it – then grab hold of that momentum and use it to move forward towards the change we want to achieve.