Patience is not a common trait of the legal marketer.

An “inside” joke amongst us is that the code of the attorney is “HURRY. HURRY. HURRY.” Followed by “WAIT. WAIT. WAIT.” And then, “NOW!!”

I wrote here about how patience is a virtue for the legal marketer. How it takes about 18-months to go from an idea to buy-in within a law firm.

The idea of waiting for cultural changes to occur takes more patience then trying to figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

My friend Jillion Weisberg from HubbardOne summed it up this way:

I’ve been watching you marketing people for a long time, and the problem is that you get to a new job and you have some great projects to implement. Once they are completed, you get bored and you start itching for the next great opportunity.

Considering the average tenure of a senior legal marketer is 2.5 years, I’ve been at my firm for a lifetime. It will be five years at the end of the summer.

In the past few months I’ve started to see signs of cultural shifts amongst our partners, and now as a firm as a whole.

The conversations are changing. The focus is shifting. The questions of “How?” and “Why?” are taking on a different meaning.

It’s an exciting time at my firm, and I am so grateful for Jillion’s admonishment.

My advice to my peers: Don’t leave before the miracle happens.