I got the news via Mashable this afternoon that Google + branded pages were here. Within minutes I had launched my firm’s Google + page. You can add us to your circles here. Setting up the page is easy as there are not too many options. Add a profile. Add some photos. Add some circles. Add some people. Send out some status updates. While I have not drank the G+ Kool-aid, it can’t hurt your Google search results. The biggest downside is that it’s just one more page to maintain. Right now, you cannot add an automatic RSS feed for your blog posts, which means some extra promotional steps every time you publish, but, considering what it used to take for us to send out a newsletter, adding an extra status update isn’t too painful or time consuming. So to plus or not to plus, if that is the question, I say to plus as long as it doesn’t distract you from the real business at hand.