I don’t know what’s lurking in your e-mail in-box, but, if it’s anything like mine, it’s not an e-mail from a real person. And, if there is one in there, it’s hard to find between the spam, newsletters, weekly LinkedIn group updates, etc. I keep sending more and more of my blogs and news subscriptions to my Reader, but my in-box continues to overflow with junk. So, once again, here I am. Unsubscribing. Blocking spammers. Setting up a folder with a rule for all the newsletters to drop directly there. Setting up RSS Feeds where I can. I’m doing anything and everything I can to declutter that in-box so I can find the important e-mails. You know. The chain e-mails from my mom ;-). What was the result? Instead of waking up to 30 e-mail newsletters and spam this morning, I woke up to eight new items in my in-box and 10 new items in my “newsletter” folder, which I can read with my coffee when I get into the office. Of the eight new items in my in-box, a couple of them were actionable, while the rest need a rule to move them into the newsletter folder. As the days go by, I’ll continue to cull through my in-box, unsubscribing, blocking and setting up rules to ensure that the e-mail I receive in my in-box is the e-mail I actually want to read.