I was recently zipping through my Google Reader and came across an interesting article recapping a guru’s recent presentation (is that general enough??). The guru was pontificating on what the guru pontificates on, and I thought to myself “bullshit.” Before taking the opinion of  a guru as gospel, I urge you to look behind the curtain. Who’s standing there?? Is it the “entrepreneur who has incredible ideas and has put them into action” guru. Or is it the “can’t play well in the sandbox so they started their own business” guru. And, my personal favorite, the “been fired from their last three jobs and no one will hire them” guru. Each of these gurus is selling some sort of a product, which may or may not include him or her. And the product may or may not have value and application to your business problem. But none of that really matters. The guru has a brand that they have to get you to buy into, even at the expense of other “truths.” When I hear a “there’s only one way, my way” message, that’s when I have to call “bullshit.” Before taking the word of a guru, do your due diligence. Are others repeating the same or similar messages?? Does an equally gifted guru have a altogether different message that they are promoting? Don’t let a really nifty PowerPoint presentation or reputation blind you to what may or may not be the whole truth. Listen to that gut feeling, your intuition. If it’s screaming “bullshit,” most likely it is.