Ok. I’m pissed off today, but in a good mood over all, so go figure. I’m having problems with one of my products. I’ve called – reported it – submitted the issue to the help desk – talked to the person who should have fixed it – they said nothing was wrong, it was me, I wasn’t using it right – I knew they were wrong – I proved my point – I called the boss – they assigned the problem to someone else – they thought they figured out what was wrong – but it still isn’t fixed – I’ve called AGAIN – I’ve e-mailed AGAIN – it’s no longer acceptable – I’m PISSED. So here’s the deal. I haven’t yelled. I haven’t screamed. I haven’t slammed the product or the vendor on Facebook, Twitter or here on my blog. But don’t get me wrong … I’m REALLY pissed. I know shit happens … but don’t let my being and acting professional send you the wrong message. I’m pissed. The question becomes: “At what point will my frustration lead to a negative action?” And when I say negative, I mean taking my money to your competitor (or moving the project in-house)? Think about it. I’m not only a client, I’m a referral source and an influencer. That should mean something. And I know it does. Look, I know how things work. I work in a LAW FIRM with LAWYERS (who LITIGATE for a living), for goodness sake. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. He who shouts loudest gets the most attention. But can’t silent and polite be just as dangerous? Can that silent, polite, yet dissatisfied, client cause as much, if not more damage, and harm?? If a partner is pissed off at me and voices it, I can deal with that. I can address the problem and fix it. I can circle back, confirm that the issue is resolved to THEIR satisfaction, and move on knowing that we’re good. But, if I don’t know that the partner is dissatisfied and angry, imagine all the damage and harm he or she can cause me in, let’s say, a compensation meeting, or my annual review. What don’t you know about your clients’ satisfaction? Is the problem fixed to THEIR satisfaction?? Or are they silently breaking up with you??? photo via www.thenerdybird.com