Taking a quick breather in what has turned into a very busy day to reflect on “Damn, I’m having a really busy day. I wonder why?” Turns out that attorneys in my firm are not letting potential opportunities pass them by. Hmmm. Let me repeat that for those in the back of the room:

The attorneys in my firm not letting potential opportunities pass them by.

I’m not saying we’re jumping on anything and everything. In fact, we’re taking a very strategic look and position as to what we’re doing right now, today! What I am saying is this:

If you see a good opportunity, don’t let it pass you by.

I’m finding this to be true in my personal life as well:

  • When I have the opportunity to speak at the right conference, I am all too happy to say yes.
  • When a good blog post idea comes to me, I write it.
  • I am filling out my supplemental application to be a citizen commissioner in my state. Really, why not me??
  • When I had the opportunity to coach a couple KEY people in social web, I took it!!
  • I am all too happy to take calls and mentor those around me.
  • Yes, I did say Yes to being a Girl Scout Leader a few years ago …
  • And when my high-school sweetheart asked me out on a date last year, I just couldn’t say no, and we haven’t looked back yet.

By saying “Yes” a lot in my life, and by not allowing GOOD opportunities pass me by,  I now have a very rich and fulfilling life personally, professionally, and within my community and city.