I don’t like marketing plans. For the most part, they’re too long, too complicated, too detailed, too focused on what you think someone else expects of you. They are too easy to forget, toss into a drawer and ignore. I do believe that they have a place, but I think they need to be as simple as possible if they are to be lived (see A Simple Marketing Plan).
I feel the same way about New Year’s resolutions. They too are too big, too complicated, too focused on another person’s ideals (anyone resolve to lose 10 lbs this year???), too unattainable, and too easily broken.

However, I do believe in daily goals and daily resolutions. Come on, I can do anything for just one day. Just for today:

  • I can clean out my in-box of today’s messages before I leave the office
  • I can call a client (in my case, an in-house attorney at my firm)
  • I can write a blog post
  • I can return the phone calls on my list
  • I can prep the ad for the magazine
  • I can schedule the ad placement for that conference
  • I can participate in networking (online or in person)
  • I can make plans for an in-person meeting with a fellow legal marketer
  • I can go to the gym and follow my trainer’s food plan
  • I can give more than I take

Just for today I can set goals and achieve them. By setting daily resolutions and having daily goals, I am setting myself up for success. By doing this, day after day, I will achieve something wonderful over a span of time (could be one week or one year). The end results might not be exactly what others expect, or what I expected myself, however, the flexibility will allow me to alter my plans as to best accomplish what needs to get done today. Flexibility will allow me to adjust my sails to the changes in the economy, in technology, in my personal and professional relationships. By focusing on what can and must be accomplished today, I can set aside worrying about things that I have no power or control over (yet). I’m not saying, implying or inferring in any way, shape or form that you should not have, nor should you abandon, long-term plans and goals. I am just saying, break those action steps into daily activities, actions and resolutions. Focus on what can and must be done today. Yeah, it does sound easier said than done, but, then again, I can do anything for just one day.