Yes, I’m still reading and enjoying Trust Agents.

A concept that I have been playing with of late, along with good colleagues Jayne Navarre and Russell Lawson, is that we’re not so much doing different things in social media and social networking as much as we are doing the same things, only differently.

So my question to you is: Why put on paper, or e-mail, what you can blog?? If you put it on paper, or send it in an e-mail, the circulation and the lifespan are limited. However, once you put it up onto your blog, it lives forever.

From Trust Agents, p. 25-26

Let’s take a concrete example: Say that you’re asked a question by e-mail about a specialty of yours — for instance, banking products. You could just respond by e-mail, but you don’t. Instead, you write about it on your blog. You’re writing the same information, but it’s public. You point the person who made the original inquiry to what you wrote, so that person gets what he or she wants; but now, anyone else can see it as well. People who arrive via Google by searching for similar information can visit and post comments weeks, even months, later. Your blog post, which used to offer answers to typical questions asked by a few people, has now become a resource. If you’re like most people, you’re receiving a lot of the same questions repeatedly. But now you only respond once — and you get credit each time someone new discovers your answer.