Oh, it’s that time of the year. Budget and marketing plan proposals are being drafted.

My friend, colleague and Legal Watercooler contributor Jayne Navarre published on her Virtual Marketing Officer blog a 2010 Law Firm Marketing Plan that I can highly support.

It’s short, memorable, and something that can be lived, even if tossed into a drawer and never shown the light of day once approved.

2010 Marketing Plan for My Law Firm

Goal – Own the first 3 Google results for my law firm; important practice keywords and individual attorneys.

Objectives – Fill the first 3 pages of any related search engine results with relevant “all about me” stuff.

Tactics – Social media, social networking, search optimization.

Obviously, you might have other “goals” for your firm, or your practice. For each of these, I highly suggest following this simple format of Goal, Objective and Tactics. BUT, BUT, BUT keep it short (five or fewer), memorable and livable.