The 2.0 ball is in full swing. The invitations have been sent out, the limos rented, and I’ve already found me a date.

The world is a Twitter, we’re hooking up with old friends on FB, and connecting and networking on LinkedIn.

Legal OnRamp, JD Supra and AVVO came along, catering to a specific need in the legal marketplace. They’ve got traction.

And, now the rest are sssslllllooooowwwwwllly coming on-line. Each new 2.0 application comes with promises of being new, better, cooler, different. Yet most seem outdated, clunky and difficult to use.

Riddle me this: If what I am doing works for me, and is working well, why should I abandon it and try something different? And, from what I’m hearing from my peers in the marketplace, they too are pretty satisfied with the 2.0 tools they are currently managing. There is room for improvements and enhancements, but not for more of the same.

It’s December 2008. Where’s the need now for Martindale Connected? I like the product. First heard about a year ago. It still hasn’t launched, and who knows how much it will cost when if finally does.

The ABA’s Legally Minded rolled out this week to lack-luster reviews. In addition to the frustrating registration process, I can’t figure out why I would need Legally Minded when I’ve got Legal OnRamp? And LinkedIn. And Twitter.

Unless your new application can fill a need not currently being met, or can improve on a current product (like Tweetdeck), I’m not interested. My 2.0 dance card is filled right now.