I have had several people ask me, “What is an Adopt-a-Family?”

The Westside Children’s Center here in Los Angeles will match you with families who are working “in the system” and who are in need during the holidays.

I am coordinating the adoption of 11 families for my Girl Scout Neighborhood.

My Troop has adopted the “Smith” family. Here’s the description of the family (not their real names).

Lindsay Smith is a single parent. She adopted her great grand children (James – 2, Matthew – 5, Mary – 8) because their mother was not able to provide for the children. Lindsay also adopted her granddaughter, Elizabeth because her mother passed away.


When you look at the “wants” of these children you realize how all kids really are alike. They are into Spongebob, Hannah Montana, and they want video games.

But then you read about their needs and you realize how different they are then your own kids. I’m certain that all of our children have the clothes and shoes that they need. I’ll bet that there is a microwave and a toaster oven in your kitchen right now.

Yet this family, and so many others, are in need of help.

If you’re in Los Angeles, I urge you to contact the Westside Children’s center. If not, check with your county social service agencies. Most can refer you to these type of neighborhood organizations where you too can adopt a family.

And, once my kids are old enough to not believe in Santa, we’ll participate in the United States Postal Service “Operation Santa Claus. where all the Dear Santa letters are collected, and you are welcome to play Santa’s Helper. For more information on this, contact your local Postmaster.