Law firm life can resemble family life in many ways. For many people, 50 hours or more in the office is normal. Saturdays, Sundays and evenings are devoted to the office, with some partners known to sleep with their BlackBerrys under their pillows. Husbands and wives have met in the halls (or at the holiday party). Baby showers are celebrated, and who hasn’t bought or sold something for some school fundraiser?

So when a firm breaks up, it’s kinda like mom and dad getting a divorce and all the kids ending up in different foster homes.

Late yesterday afternoon I received a phone call that Thelen was planning a “Heller” announcement and I felt a tug in my belly. So soon?

So I was hopeful when I woke this morning to this headline:

Thelen Looks to Parcel Out Sections, Core Group May Stick Together

With a full-firm merger increasingly unlikely, Thelen has begun looking to other firms to pick up practices or offices, a current partner confirmed this week.


While Thelen is looking for firms willing to pick up various pieces, a core group may choose to stick together, and Thelen partners are meeting on a weekly basis to discuss their options, said the partner, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

And while Thelen has been a Class Act up until now, doing their best to place practice groups together, I hope that they are as thoughtful in placing their administrative and professional staff.