I’m going to take the liberty of highlighting “Class Acts”, and “Not So Classy” acts, by law firms when it comes to their staff.

For instance, Heller’s lay offs last Friday … Not So Classy
Clifford Chance layoffs today … Class Act

The Clifford Chance associates, most of whom graduated from law school less than six years ago, were told of the layoffs today, the Am Law Daily reoports. The 2,800-attorney London-based international law firm said the layoffs are not performance-related. No first-year associates were laid off.

“The long-anticipated increase in overall U.S. litigation activity has not yet appeared,” Clifford Chance said in a written statement. “The firm is taking action now in light of market conditions.

(emphasis added)

Our hats are off to CC. Thanks for not tarnishing the reputations of these young professionals. Thanks for admitting the truth that we all know: There’s a downturn in the market right now. And, thanks for providing the “unspecified severance and outplacement assistance.”