After a weekend of spa and “serenity,” I’m certain my husband was expecting yogi wife to walk in the door last night. That’s not what he got. Reflecting on my behavior this morning, I was sorry. Of course I was sorry. I didn’t like who walked in the door any more than he did. But, more importantly, I was wrong. And I let him know that. I was wrong. Period. No blame. Only responsibility. I was wrong.

So what does any of this have to do with marketing, or law firms, the economy or business in general??

Over the weekend I listened to most every word of the press conferences, debates and media interviews held by our country’s leaders. There’s a lot of blame going around, and a bunch of folks who are sorry to have to spend $700 billion on a Wall Street bail-out, but no one is standing up and saying, “We, as a collective political body, were wrong to let this happen.”

I don’t see the shareholders of WaMu being addressed by the golden parachuting CEO and BOD saying, “We were wrong to allow our greed to destroy this fine institution.”

I’m sure the C-Suite and BOD of Lehman and Merrill Lynch are sorry that their once fine and respected institutions have been destroyed, but will they admit they were wrong? Or will they just write a book, or get a gig on CNBC, or retire to their multi-million dollar estates?

And, as Heller Ehrman winds down operations, I’m sure there is a lot of sorry to go around, but who is standing up and saying, “We made bad business decisions, and we were wrong.”

And then I think of all the day-to-day office errors. How quick we are to shed our responsibility and blame the copy room, or the messenger, or a secretary, or the “other guy,” when, in reality, we were to blame. We were just wrong.

I’m sorry, but I’m just tired of everyone being sorry. It is time to stand up, take responsibility, and admit it when we are wrong.