I confess. I Love My Blackberry.

I’m reading ATL today about all the strange places people use their Blackberries. It got me thinking of all the GREAT things I get to do because I have my Blackberry.

  • Disneyland, in line for Dumbo (the longest line at D-land), where, after sending some long replies on an RFP, I realized it was no longer a vacation day, but a work day! Woo hoo! I love being Exempt!!
  • At the beach in Newport watching my kids play in the surf while working on my summer tan (tanning season has officially begun, by the way).
  • At a screening for Speed Racer with the kids, on a Thursday afternoon, because I am on that mailing list.
  • At the airport, trying to catch an early flight home after a business trip so I could actually see the kids before they went to sleep.
  • Sitting out by the pool watching my kids play with their friends on a 90° day in the middle of January, because we get those weird heat waves in LA and who wants to sit in a high rise when you can be enjoying it.
  • Leaving the Thai Massage spa last Friday, because I really needed it.

I will also be leaving the office today, but remaining fully connected, so as to attend the last Brownie Scout meeting of the year, because my Blackberry allows me to be the Brownie Troop Leader.

Personally, I don’t look at my Blackberry as something that keeps me chained to the office or to work. I see it as a liberating tool that allows me to fully participate in my own personal life.

Yes, I look at it on days off, on vacations, at night. But I also know when to put it down, when to leave it in the car, or when to let the power drain completely.

* OK I admit to being on my Blackberry soon after Piper was born. But it was more about chatting with my friends than working. Those e-mails I ignored.