Maybe it’s the nightmare I had last night that the Lakers blew their 24-point lead and lost to the Celtics, but I am in an irreverent mood today. And while the cup might not be half full on Figueroa today, it’s definitely filled with something a bit stronger than coffee.

What I enjoy most from the legal marketing and administrative community is that you confirm for me that I am not alone in my thoughts. With this blog I sometime think, “ohhhhh, I don’t know if you want to hit the publish button on that.” But, I read it again and think, “Hey, why not. It’s nothing I wouldn’t say in a conversation around the Watercooler.”

So, file this one under “told ya so.”

From Casual Day Has Claimed Another Victim

If you have to tug it or yank it when sitting down, it’s too short.

I guess I now have to add, if they can see your boobs, your blouse is too sheer or low cut.

Have a great weekend and a Happy Father’s Day to Dear Ol’ Dad and Joe.