I’m not talking about iceCream. I want an iPhone. I’m not a gadget sort of gal, but this new iPhone is looking luscious. The first thing I did when I dropped out of corporate America was go back to Mac. I, like many early home computer users, started out on a Mac SE in the ‘80s. I was reluctantly forced into Microsoft once I hit the law firm circuit. It’s okay, but I’m a happier person today because I’m back to lovin’ my Mac. (With a few moments of exception.) Anyway, last year I wanted an iPhone and last year my law firm said NO iPhones. I stuck it out with my Blackberry, which is fine, but as soon as my T-Mobile contract is up in a few months I’m moving over. Trying to patch on PC/Mac sync software is a headache and it doesn’t really work all that well.

So, where am I going with this post? For all the enterprise peeps out there lusting over that sweet little gadget, the iPhone now has software to integrate with Microsoft Exchange! “The best phone for business. Ever.” They also have a new application called MobileMe which when I figure out what it is, I’ll report back.

So, coolerettes, who is going to ask (or has already asked and been turned down) their IT group to support iPhone? Do you think they will? Hey, its way cool and now it’s business savvy too, why not?

A couple months ago the dude at T-mobile tried to convince me that my Blackberry could act like an iPhone – and I admit there are a few nice features like a basic GPS, Bluetooth, and Facebook application – but the screen, the UGI and the feel of it doesn’t even come close. So, “Will Masses Embrace Apple’s $199 Handset? Today’s WSJ asks? Count me in.