I need to apologize to the LMA membership. I was being recruited by several senior (all Hall of Fame) members of our beloved association to run for president this year. I even had a member of our PR community working on message points … it was that important to this group to change the leadership course of LMA.

After a long deliberation, and many phone calls, I declined.

I declined because I felt that my voice would be better suited for outside the leadership vacuum of LMA.

And today I was proven so right.

The LMA board, without input from it’s members, has decided to do away with three programs: Your Honor Awards, Hall of Fame, and Rising Stars. I only know this as the information started leaking to me last night. As I type this, I still haven’t received my official notification from LMA.

I am posting everything that is being forwarded to me to the LME Group. If you’re not a member, send me a direct message on Facebook.

Today I am calling for:

TRANSPARENCY from the LMA leadership. Who came up with this? ACI? SmithBucklin? What was the timeline for this? Where is the market research in support of this? Where is this “strategic plan”?

MEMBER SURVEYS to actually find out what the needs of the membership are. Enough already.

AN END TO THE SLATE. We need open elections, or at least the ability to have competition and a diversity of voices. The pathway to leadership is a roadblock. I won’t even share my personal experience.

ACCOUNTABILITY for whomever is making these decisions.

RESTORATION to the MEANING behind our tagline: “The Authority for Legal Marketing.”

Should you have anything you would like to anonymously submit, email me.

  • Merry Neitlich

    This news is quite surprising, even a bit shocking. As a national board member for three years and an inductee into the HoF it is a bit disconcerting that we, the membership, had no input into this idea nor do we know what the financial and time savings will be without these three programs. What types of programs are they considering? What is the budget for these programs? I hope LMA leadership can add a little meat to the bones in this area. And finally, I am quite disappointed that my plan to nominate Heather for the 2018 class of the HoF is now thwarted. Heather is a true leader and has been putting skin international and regional LMA game for a long time. You are in my HoF, Heather.

  • Or maybe to just openly dialogue with members, lawyers, media and other leaders in our legal profession (marketing/bus dev or not). Leadership is a conversation and conversation has moved to the net – blogging, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Unfortunately business leaders refuse to lead this way.