I am in complete acceptance that my waking life is one long continuum right now from the moment my alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. until the moment I crawl into bed at night.

Work. Kids. LMA. Family. Leadership Institute. HOA. Spiritual life. Girl Scouts. All of these things make up my waking hours, yet none of them can be compartmentalized. Right now, all of these areas are fully active, engaging, and demanding of my time. I have to make choices not only daily in regards to my priorities, but sometimes hourly, as to who and what gets my attention.

Some people speak of this “work/life” balance. I am one who does not believe it exists. Something has to give. Somewhere. It just does.

Some days it’s work. Some days it’s my spiritual program. Sadly, some days it’s family (but I try to do that in the least impacting, to them, way). But I am in acceptance that I cannot do it all. That is how I maintain my sanity.

Thank goodness for technology. I can take a call anywhere. I can upload a document to read, or log onto my computer from my iPad, from anywhere. I can work on a plane. At a Girl Scout meeting. The coolest thing ever has to be mobile check deposit. LIFE saver. And the DVR. Woo hoo. All my favorite shows will be there, waiting for me.

I know that the next couple weeks will involve a lot of craziness, and not enough sleep and yoga. But this too shall pass, and somewhere in December it will get really quiet as the attorneys are dealing with year-end, the holidays, and vacations. Seriously. Who wants to do business development in mid-December?

I am already looking forward to the kids being out of school, and Girl Scouts on hiatus. The HOA pipe crisis will be done next week (fingers crossed). And the Sports Dude, kids and I are planning a mini-vacation between Christmas and New Years to regroup as a family.

So, what’s on tap for today?

  • OMG. It’s budget season, too. Oh, this will be fun.
  • Pulling list of open matters for a certain client that is uber-big, and we all worked on that RFP series, so we can transfer the files appropriately to the new firm name.
  • Have I mentioned we’re working on the bios?

Tip: Eat right. Get enough sleep. Keep some good protein bars and snacks in your desk.