keep-calm-only-15-days-leftIt’s Tuesday. Tuesdays for me mean one of two things: I get to enjoy my favorite weekday lunchtime yoga class and then go home after work and enjoy my evening, or Girl Scouts. Let’s just say, no peace or rest for this wicked marketer on this Tuesday. So here we are. There are 15 days left until the merger takes effect. Right now my focus is on getting the attorney bios done and slotting them into the right service areas. Yes, we can fix this once we go live, but the sense of urgency is now, so I am taking advantage of it. What is really starting to grate on my nerves are the vendor calls and emails. They just won’t stop, and are picking up speed. Coincidence? I think not. My friend Jaimie Field ranted about it today, A LINKED IN RANT or how not to get my business, and I have to agree with her. I would also say the same rant is directed at those e-mailing me, trying to sell me crap on Twitter, and my voice-mail. Seriously. Don’t leave me voice-mails. They go like this, “Hey, heard about the merger. Wow. What an exciting time. Can I have five minutes of your time to try and sell you something that you most likely don’t need, but I think you do?” No. You cannot have five minutes of my time. I don’t have five minutes for my mom — who I had to send to voicemail at 11:50 a.m. today and still haven’t found the time to listen to the message or call her back, and it’s after 9:00 p.m. as I type this — why would I drop everything to speak to a complete stranger who is trolling the Internet looking for prospects? The only exception would be if 1) I know you, 2) you recognize that you are interrupting me, and, 3) you really know that what you are selling can in some way provide me/us/the firm true value. I’m not talking about BS pitch crap on value, but a compelling story about why, in my over-exhausted day, I should take the two to five minutes to read your email and respond. Okay. Rant over. Here’s what’s on tap for today:

  • Finish my homework.
  • LMA Technology Committee meeting. Draft my report for the October board meeting.
  • Find out when we’ll get the new letterhead.
  • Start preparing Marty’s October 1 letter.
  • Damn you Florida bar restrictions. The First Amendment will get you.
  • Attorney bios and service areas.

Off to the doctor with the older kid. I have told everyone in my house: no getting sick or breaking anything until 10/2. Obviously, no one listens to me. I feel like Rodney Dangerfield. I just don’t get any respect. Tip: If you can’t truly make my life easier or better, leave me alone. Send a nice note. Send some chocolate. Send a masseuse. But otherwise, leave me alone right now.